Our State-of-the-Art R&D center in Hyderabad is well-equipped with 100+ research scientists.

The sophisticated analytical lab houses LCMS, GCMS, TGA, Prep. HPLC, UPLC, NMRs, ELSD, PDA & RI Detectors, and chiral separation columns that enable our scientists to develop and transform any process at a record-breaking speed of 10-14 weeks, ready for tech transfer.

Our Flow Chemistry lab is poised to break records by transforming batch processes.

Our Kilo Lab, Pilot Plant, and Multiple-Product Large Scale CGMP Manufacturing Facility can take on projects involving diverse reactions such as Grignard, Hydrogenation, Nitration, Bromination, Enzymatic, Cyclization, Alkylation, Friedel Craft, Diazo-Coupling, Hydrolysis, Catalytic Reductions, Methylation, Oxidation, Fluorination, etc. Soon, we are setting up a Fixed Bed Catalytic Reaction.

Our Flow Chemistry Lab is set to break all records in transforming batch processes into continuous ones. We anticipate the commercialization of numerous products—some of them being the first of their kind in India by Clearsynth. We see this as a way forward!

GMP Services

Clearsynth has a state-of-the-art cGMP pilot plant facility (approved by DCGI, India and global pharma) to cater to multi-kilogram pharmaceutical development and manufacturing for supporting GMP production and processing of intermediates and final API for animal toxicology or Ph-I/II clinical material.

  • State-of-the-art 5000ft2 GMP pilot plant facility
  • ISO-8 (Class:100,000) clean rooms for complete manufacturing operations and ISO 14001:2015 for environment management system
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • Multi-product manufacturing; Temperature range: – 90°C to 200°C; Batch size: 500g~10kg
  • Reactor Size: 20L to 100L; Glass / SS
  • Well-established kilo laboratory for the synthesis of compounds in multi-grams to kilograms level
  • Walk-in-hoods
  • Kilo lab with capacity up to 200L scale reactors with distillation facility
  • Equipped with centrifuge, Nutsche pressure filter, vacuum ovens for filtration and drying
  • Other facilities include chromatographic columns and high capacity (25L) rotavapors from Buchi
  • Dedicated QC lab for process control
  • Dedicated high-potency laboratory with 20L all glass reactor and facility to carry out small scale synthesis of high-potency molecules

Our Capability

  • Route scouting
  • Process design and optimization
  • Development and standardization of synthetic steps considering scalable manufacturing needs
  • Synthetic demonstration
  • Scale-up manufacturing
  • Analytical method development and stability studies
  • Salt screening and polymorph studies
  • Transfer of process technology to pilot plant for advanced molecules