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Our Story

We aspire to work on products and processes that are complex and hazardous.


Our diverse and vast ‘Organic Chemistry’ experience in the field of synthesizing and characterizing reference standards like Drug Impurities, Metabolites, Gluconarites, Secondary API standards and stable Isotope Labelled compounds, has caused a need for taking much higher responsibilities of solving problems !

The challenges & complexities around unsafe reactions, Environmental pollution, Low yields, Multiple steps synthesis, Un-Viable cost, Material handling Hazard and Dependability, inspires us towards accomplishing our mission “to deliver sustainable products”

At Clearsynth, we thoroughly study, innovate, transform and implement processes that are just not novel, but also sustainable!

Our mission is not to sell products, we believe in SOLVING PROBLEMS.......

Meet our

Passionate team



Years of combined industry experience


Our State of Art R&D centre at Hyderabad is well equipped with 100+ Research scientists.


The sophisticated analytical lab houses- LCMS, GCMS, TGA, Prep. HPLC, UPLC, NMRs, ELSD, PDA & RI Detectors, Chiral separation columns that enable our scientists to develop and transform any process at a record breaking speed of 10-14 weeks…
Ready for Tech transfer….


Our Flow Chemistry lab is set to break all records in transforming batch processes.


Our Kilo Lab, Pilot Plant and Multiple-product large scale cGMP manufacturing facility can take up projects involving diverse reactions like – Grignard, Hydrogenation, Nitration, Bromination, Enzymatic, Cyclization, Alkylation, Friedel Craft, Diazo-coupling, Hydrolysis, Catalytic reductions, Methylation, oxidation, fluorination, etc… Soon we are setting up a fixed bed catalytic reaction.

Our Flow Chemistry lab is set to break all records in transforming batch processes into continuous. We see number of products getting commercialized… Some of them are also first time in India by Clearsynth. We see this as a WAY FORWARD !


Our wisdom lies in Circular Economy We are passionate for it... for it's every bit.


We truly believe that, for any process to be sustainable, one has to Re-cover, Re-use and Re-enrich. Our processes for manufacturing Bulk Deuterated Reagents & Building blocks does it all !

Our Team at Clearsynth has made us feel proud as in a true sense we have accomplished - IMPORT SUBSTITUTION, CIRCULAR ECONOMY AND SUSTAINABILITY.

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