Contract Development Manufacturing Organization

We aspire to work on products and processes that are complex and hazardous.

Our diverse and vast ‘Organic Chemistry’ experience in the field of synthesizing and characterizing reference standards like Drug Impurities, Metabolites, Gluconarites, Secondary API standards and stable Isotope Labelled compounds, has caused a need for taking much higher responsibilities of solving problems !

The challenges & complexities around unsafe reactions, Environmental pollution, Low yields, Multiple steps synthesis, Un-Viable cost, Material handling Hazard and Dependability, inspires us towards accomplishing our mission “to deliver sustainable products”

At Clearsynth, we thoroughly study, innovate, transform and implement processes that are just not novel, but also sustainable!

Our mission is not to sell products, we believe in SOLVING PROBLEMS.......

Our R&D Facility

Our State of Art R&D centre at Hyderabad is well equipped with 100+ Research scientists.

The sophisticated analytical lab houses- LCMS, GCMS, TGA, Prep. HPLC, UPLC, NMRs, ELSD, PDA & RI Detectors, Chiral separation columns that enable our scientists to develop and transform any process at a record breaking speed of 10-14 weeks… Ready for Tech transfer….

What are CDMO companies?

The meaning of CDMO is Contract Development Manufacturing Organization, sometimes also referred as Contract Manufacturing Organization is a key player in the pharma industry that provides services on contract basis to pharma companies in their drug development program. In the very early stage of drug development, pharma companies outsource services to such CDMO companies. A CDMO partner is dedicated to providing drug development services to the contracted pharma company.
Clearsynth offers a wide range of products under the CDMO Services which can be explored here: CDMO Product List